INE Certified-Ethical-Hacker-CEH-V9-Technology-Course
English | Size: 3.37 GB
Category: CBTs

This course is one of the major courses for the security of those who want professional ethics in hacking. In this course, applicants are trained in how to simulate the types of security attacks in order to identify network vulnerabilities in the target group before the actual attack and to secure and eliminate them. In general, this course is required by all security professionals, hackers, security advisers, administrators, and specially penetration testing specialists. This valid and international E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) course requires you to pass the test for this course, which is held in one step. Currently the latest version of this degree is version 9.
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INE CCSP Video-on-Demand v1 0-TUTOR
English | Size: 9.90 GB
Category: CBTs

This series includes 52 individual videos, each approximately an hour long, covering a wide variety of CCSP study topics.
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iAwake Technologies - Call of the Heart
English | Size: 265.15 MB
Category: Tutorial

Scandinavian Lullabies with Theta Waves and Biofield Energy to Open and Heal Your Heart
Truly beautiful, new tech-infused music. Scandinavian lullabies sung by a little known but evocative and incredible singer with sparse, haunting, sweet, deep music - embedded with sound technologies designed to support healing, opening, loving, and becoming centered.
Call of the Heart soundtracks are lullabies, songs mothers sang, and still sing, to soothe their children to sleep. The songs come from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
All these tracks target theta brainwaves, which are associated with deep creativity, insight, healing, intuition, and access to inner guidance. The biofield formula infused in the tracks provides a naturally balancing and soothing energy, cleanses and balances the energetic heart, and emits a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth, and emotional healing.
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INE CCIE Data Center Unified Computing-TUTOR
English | Size: 3.63 GB
Category: CBTs

CCIE Data Center: Unified Computing
2018-04-02: I N F O: Join the world s most highly respected and experienced CCIE
instructors for this comprehensive CCIE lab exam video course
download. This course is taught by Mark Snow, CCIEx4 #14073
(Collaboration, Data Center, Voice, Security). Follow along as
Mark explains the technologies related to the Cisco Unified
Computing System components of the modern Cisco Data Center. The
instructor also demonstrates the configuration of advanced
technology-focused scenarios, along with proper verification and
troubleshooting techniques. Course Duration: 22hrs 07min
About the author: N/A: M E T A: Type: N/A
Genre: Bookware
Lessons: 30
Length: N/A
Author: Disks: 79
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Jonah Berger - Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces That Shape Behavior (Unabridged)
English | Size: 383.10 MB
Category: Everything Else

The New York Times best-selling author of Contagious explores the subtle, secret influences that affect the decisions we make - from what we buy to the careers we choose to what we eat - in this fascinating and groundbreaking work.

If you're like most people, you think that your choices and behaviors are driven by your individual personal tastes and opinions. You wear a certain jacket because you like the way it looks. You picked a particular career because you found it interesting. The notion that our choices are driven by our own personal thoughts and opinions is patently obvious. Right? Wrong.

Without our realizing it, other people's behavior has a huge influence on everything we do at every moment of our lives, from the mundane to the momentous occasion. Even strangers have startling impacts on our judgments and decisions: Our attitudes toward a welfare policy shift if we're told it is supported by Democrats versus Republicans (even though the policy is the same in both cases).
Download Now - Complete Brainwave Entrainment Set
English | Size: 936.47 MB
Category: Self Improvement

These are all the brainwave entrainment tracks from + Holiday Bonuses + Booklets
Probably the best brainwave program in the world. The IMMRAMA company decided to shut down so these are no longer obtainable anywhere - very rare.
1. 10 min light relaxation track
2. Dreamwalk Program (For lucid dreaming entrainment)
3. Focus Program (ADHD, ADD, Focus, Work, Study)
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iAwake Technologies - Neurohacks
English | Size: 479.16 MB
Category: Tutorial

This program combines sophisticated brainwave entrainment technology with both deeply invigorating and deeply relaxing brainwave rhythms and biofield signals so you can:

Give yourself a dramatic cognitive edge
Renew your energy as needed
Refresh your brain after demanding study or work sessions
Recover from travel/jet lag
Maintain steady energy during the afternoon
Relax into bliss after a long, hard day
Release negative emotions
Clear your mind for deep sleep
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Implementing Cisco Unified Computing Systems
English | Size: 3.21 GB
Category: Cisco | E-learning | Networking

Cisco UCS are servers optimized for virtualization, giving companies the capability to provide high availability, support for Fibre Channel or iSCSI and fast provisioning. Experienced instructor, Desiree Lindfield, guides you through a step-by-step configuration of Resource Pools, Service Profiles, and how to set up common administrative tasks such as Backups.

Each video lesson addresses core concepts, lab demonstrations, and helpful tips for supporting Cisco UCS. The instruction throughout offers detailed explanations, tips, and configuration verifications. The LiveLesson also provides information to help prepare for the CCNP Data Center certification track.
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iAwake Technologies - The Freedom of Forgiveness
English | Size: 366.13 MB
Category: Tutorial

Forgiveness is essential for healing, transformation, and authentic happiness. We have all been hurt by others, and we have all hurt others ourselves. With The Freedom of Forgiveness, Dr. Bob Weathers and Douglas Prater have created a powerful new tool and practice to help us experience the freedom of forgiveness.

A joint project between iAwake Technologies & Integral Recovery Institute

The Freedom of Forgiveness guides you to:

Forgive others
Forgive yourself
Increase compassion for yourself and others
Transmute and heal toxic shame and self-hatred
Increased resilience in stressful situations
A deeper sense of self-acceptance
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INE - CCIE Security v5 Technologies GETVPN
English | Size: 528.35 MB
Category: Cisco | E-learning | Networking | Security

This course is a part of our CCIE Security v5 Technology series. It consists of several modules focused on many different aspects of the Group Encrypted Transport VPN (GETVPN) technology, such as operations, configuration and redundancy.
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