StoneRivereLearning Essential Docker For Python Flask Development
English | Size: 334.51 MB
Category: CBTs

This course will teach you the essential knowledge required to integrate Docker in your everyday development flow. Docker is an easy way for developers to recreate a production-level server cluster locally in their desktop or laptop using very few resources.

A lot of companies and startups are moving to Docker, because it speeds up the development process and reduces the amount of debugging that occurs when they create software against different versions of their operating system and libraries.
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StoneRivereLearning Professional RESTful API Design Using Python Flask-RiDWARE
English | Size: 0.98 GB
Category: Tutiorial

This course will teach you how to build a professional API platform using pure Flask, without any supplemental libraries, so that students can learn the fundamentals of RESTful API design.

In today’s world, dominated by gorgeous javascript user interfaces and mobile applications, the ability to build a scalable and well architected API is key to be able to supplement those applications and ensure that clients and servers communicate with the proper interfaces.

The course covers the basic concepts of the RESTful API pattern and then goes into detail and step by step building an API platform that will cover the six constraints of the architecture. Students will learn the industry-standard and will follow best practices for API architectures.
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StoneRivereLearning Building Cryptocurrencies with javascript-RiDWARE
English | Size: 1.16 GB
Category: CBTs

Any IT professional or hobbyist anticipating a solid understanding of how cryptocurrency technology works and desires an understanding of crypto's use cases and potential (including blockchains and distributed applications) needs to go through this course to leverage cryptocurrency in new or existing development projects. Anyone desiring to learn how cryptocurrency solutions are designed, configured, and developed needs the knowledge and practice presented in this course. This not only includes web, mobile, and service application developers, but also architects, UI designers, testers, and administrators. This course provides a solid understanding of how crypto and blockchain technology works and a solid foundation for platform evaluation and learning lower level details.
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StoneRivereLearning Amazon Web Services Basics-RiDWARE
English | Size: 2.97 GB
Category: CBTs

This course will introduce students to Amazon Web Services, as well as teach them about
services and support, creation of AWS account, security services , Roles, Policies
and best practices, net and content delivery, storage overview, Object Lifecycle
Versioning, and Permissions , EC2 over view, Instance Types and AMI, EBS and Snapshots
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StoneRivereLearning - Google Go Programming.for Beginners (Golang)

StoneRivereLearning - Google Go Programming for Beginners (Golang)
English | Size: 1.1 GB
Category: Video Training

There are an endless number of programming languages out there, and new ones are added on an almost daily basis. To keep on top of the game and broaden your skill set, picking up a few of these new languages never hurts. Google Go (golang) is the programming language created by one of the largest technology names in the world - Google - so having Go in your arsenal is a surefire way to add to your coding credentials. This course will teach you everything you need to know about Go.
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