Dan Kennedy - 7 Figure Academy
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A whole lot of folks are still in “time out” waiting for the economy to “get better” and “return to normal”—Which is why there is no better time to leap way, way, way up than when most aren’t even seriously trying. If you are dead serious about creating a consistent 7-figure income…if you have drive and ambition to do what it takes to create the life of your dreams, there’s no reason you can’t use Dan’s behavioral and business practices roadmaps to climb and reach the top rungs of the economic ladder and join the 7-Figure Club.
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Dan Kennedy - Butt In Seats
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Category: Business

Information Marketing: Unlock the vault and reveal the secrets, strategies, and actual promotions used to generate over $100M from seminars
With nearly 50 years of collective experience and over $100 MILLION generated from Seminars attended by over ONE MILLION people – including their own perpetually sold out and highly anticipated annual seminars, Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer are the envy of the Seminar Marketing World. So what’s their secret? Learn from the masters how to boost your numbers and make the maximum profits you can from each upcoming seminar.
Butts in Seats and Bucks in the Bank topics include:
The “secret” psychology of seminar attendance (and non-attendance)
Seminar marketing boosters (including 39 real-life examples)
Seminar location, logistics, and choreography
Butts in Seats and Bucks in the Bankis delivered to you in three convenient forms: DVD, audio CD, and a printed manual. This way you can listen to Dan and Bill’s sage advice whenever or wherever you are!
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Dan Kennedy - The Best of Dan Kennedy
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Category: Business

One of the BEST libraries of Dan Kennedy writing and interviews ever assembled. Reveals Dan S. Kennedy’s closely guarded secrets previously recorded for Dan’s clients at their request—now available to you for a tiny fraction of what other’s paid for it.

A Fast Start Guide
Get a quick crash course in the underlying fundamental success principles behind all of the marketing advice & examples Dan teaches. Learn his “step-ladder approach” to building powerful ads that instantly yields results.
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Dan Kennedy - Never Out of Work
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Ten years in the making, it’s a system that lets him:

Choose the clients he wants to work for
Dictate the terms of every deal
And maximize the income from every project he takes on
It’s very impressive …

And not only is he revealing it to you for the first time … he’s offering to help you build a similar model for your burgeoning freelance business.

“But I’m not Dan Kennedy,” you might be saying …
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Dan Kennedy - Make Them Buy Now
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Category: Business

As a sales person, you need and want to make sales. It is imperative that you produce, close sales. Sales are the measure of your success and, not to be ignored, how you put food on your table.

There are no secrets to being a successful closer, only common sense attitudes toward work, appearance, and interaction with people.

Regarding work, know your product, be it insurance, call center software or auto parts. If gaining and maintaining that knowledge means taking classes or self-study, take them, or do it. If it means reading brochures about the product, read them. Always keep your knowledge current. Know how to convey that knowledge to your clients.
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Four Days in November The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Four Days in November: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Vincent Bugliosi
English | May 17th, 2008 | ASIN: B0015DYLQ0, ISBN: 0393332152, 0393347338 | 655 Pages | EPUB | 0.75 MB
Four Days in November is an extraordinarily exciting, precise, and definitive narrative of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, by Lee Harvey Oswald.

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Camelot and Canada Canadian-American Relations in the Kennedy Era

Camelot and Canada: Canadian-American Relations in the Kennedy Era by Asa McKercher
English | 2016 | ISBN: 0190605057 | 312 Pages | PDF | 30.5 MB
In 1958 Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts proclaimed at the University of New Brunswick that "Canada and the United States have carefully maintained the good fences that help make them good neighbours."

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Portrait of Camelot A Thousand Days in the Kennedy White House

Portrait of Camelot: A Thousand Days in the Kennedy White House by Richard Reeves, Harvey Sawler,? Cecil Stoughton
2010 | ISBN: 0810995859 | English | 352 pages | EPUB | 48 MB

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Retribution - J. Robert Kennedy

Retribution - J. Robert Kennedy
English | 2017 | 324 Pages | ISBN: 1975778944 | EPUB | 517.38 KB
A CRIPPLING CYBERATTACK. A HEART-WRENCHING LOSS. WILL ONE MAN'S THIRST FOR REVENGE LEAD TO WAR? Two years ago, cyber security specialist Clayton Hummel unknowingly betrayed his country for love, and billionaire Franklin Temple pays the price. Blinded by grief and rage, and dissatisfied with his government's response, Temple uses his considerable wealth to take matters into his own hands, and bring justice to those responsible for the greatest cyberattack in history. And his thirst for revenge may just lead us to war

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Love Kennedy (2017) HDRip XviD AC3-EVO

Love Kennedy (2017) HDRip XviD AC3-EVO
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01:31:00 | 720x400 @ 1900 kb/s | 23.98 fps(r) | AC3, 44100 Hz, stereo, 384 kb/s | 1.41 GB
Genre(s): Drama

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